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    Hello applicant,
    we appreciat your interest in joining our team!

    For your application we need some information about you. Please fill in the fields.

    1. Nickname:
    2. Age:
    3. Login (TM2):
    4. Country:
    5. How often do you play:
    6. How long have you been playing:
    7. What made you decide to apply/choose for acore:
    8. Previous teams and reasons why you left:
    9. What could you bring to the team:
    10. Any tournament or competition experience:
    11. Additional information:

    To make sure you can catch up with the average level of our team right now, we want you to drive the following maps. These tracks are a way to show your current maximum skill level, what your fastest time able to drive on these kind of maps is, etc. So, make sure to take your time to hunt these maps before uploading your replays!
    Below the maps is a 'Time-limit' shown. This times aren't obligated to beat, but keep in mind, these times are average times our team-members are able to drive. It is preferred you beat them (and maybe even do way better). As said before, show your maximum skill level!

    TMProLeague cLMNx ft. man0x -->…mproleague-clmnx-ft-man0x
    Time limit: 53.8

    ESL Bagoffel ft. AxelALex² -->
    Time limit: 59.9

    TMM Panosky -->
    Time limit: 50:00

    Replays can be uploaded directly on the forum.
    The teamleaders of our different teams check this board regularely and will answer your jointopic as soon as they can.

    If your times are decent enough, teamleaders will inform you and you will get a trial-period in acore.
    After this trial period (no specific duration, mostly AFTER participating with us for first time in a tournament), teamleaders&management will make a decision about your application and this will be posted in a reaction of your application thread!

    Good luck with your application!