Hello applicant,
    we appreciat your interest in joining our team!

    For your application we need some information about you. Please fill in the fields.

    1. Nickname:
    2. Age:
    3. Login (TM2):
    4. Country:
    5. How often do you play:
    6. How long have you been playing:
    7. Previous teams and reasons why you left:
    8. What could you bring to the team:
    9. Any tournament or competition experience:
    10. Additional information:

    In order to estimate your level of driving we want you to drive the following maps.:

    We decided to set a time limit you have to beat at a total minimum.
    Additionally you will face a 1v1 on each map (so 3 in total). We just want to see how you perform in rounds.
    We don't expect crazy fast times, just a decent consistency.

    -> beat the 58.30 mark
    -> beat the 49.80 mark

    Replays can be uploaded directly on the forum.

    The teamleaders of our different teams check this board regularely and will answer your jointopic as soon as they can.
    If your times are decent enough, teamleaders will inform you and you will get a trial-period in acore.
    After this trial period (1 month aka 4 weeks) teamleaders & management will make a decision about your application
    and this will be posted in a reaction of your application thread!

    Good luck with your application!