Application : Ben (Trial 05/11)

    • Application : Ben (Trial 05/11)

      Hello everybody

      1. Nickname: Ben TittyMc$wag2000

      2. Age: 20

      3. Login (TM2): maniaben

      4. Country: France

      5. How often do you play: everyday

      6. How long have you been playing: I discovered the game 2 years ago, I've been playing roughly 840 hours.

      7. What made you decide to apply/choose for acore: I'm looking for a competitive team, I love playing, doing matches, always looking for a better time in a friendly atmosphere so acore seems perfect for that !

      8. Previous teams and reasons why you left: I've only been (and I still be) in Icepepper, actually I would like to stay without doing any matches with them because I want to help the staff (who are my friends) to manage the team. But if you really want me to leave Icepepper because you don't accept double teams, there is no problem.
      I decided to do acore tests because the competitive aspect of Icepepper is really poor. Indeed there are not a lot of motivated players for competitions. To organize a match this is really complicated and the team organization in his general aspect looks like a mess.

      9. What could you bring to the team: an active, motivated and open-minded player (in game and on discord, I go really often on vocal channel), I really like to play and to share it with others !

      10. Any tournament or competition experience: ALM Cup, friendly matches against : ALM, Southern Phoenix and Cup Meister

      11. Additional information: here is my discord code if you want to join me : Ben TittyMc$wag2000#8470
      I'm really proud to apply for acore tech line up, I'll give my best for the hunts !

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    • Hey Ben,
      Welcome on our forum and gl for your application !
      Make sure to hunt the maps at their maximum, they are available on mx and on our public server if you don't want to train solo :P
      The goal is to have a good idea of waht your current level is.

      Make sure to add me and kezar in game so we can see each other in game ;) . (logins : kezar, ebotith)
    • Hello !

      Here are my replays :

      TMPL - cLMNx : 53.738
      ESL - Bagoffel : 59.975
      TMM - Panosky : 50.063
    • Hey Ben,

      this is some nice times you did there, congrats ! :D
      This is why, Ebotith and me are glad to welcome you in Acore !

      You will now be in a trial period to see how you fit in the team, you will have access to the clan section (where you will find all the informations about coming wars, matches, and also password for the private server) on the forum as well as on the discord channel to talk with the others members.

      I'll send you the tag in private message in tm.

      Make sure to read the rules and to answer the newest topics (CPS 19 for example).

      See ya on the road then, ;)
    • Hey Ben,

      You've been in trial for more than a month now, we've seen you being very motivated to play and improve
      and that's what the kind of atmosphere we want in acore.
      After some intern discussion between members, we are glad to welcome you to acore!

      Keep hunting, and see you online ;)