How make a good sd ?

    • Hey Akyn!

      First of all, you need to know how the perfect speeddrift (sd) has to look like.

      I recommend you to look at some videos, for example this one:

      This is a video from Mudda. Despite the discussion wether he is/was cheating or not, he is the player with the most perfect

      After you know how the speeddrift has to look like, the main aspect to gain the most speed out of the speeddrift is how long you can maintain it. When i am speaking of maintaining the speeddrift, i mean how long you can keep the gap between the 2 skidmarks (either on the right or the left) at the same distance. I think this is the question you are asking here.

      Unfortunately, i won't have the ultimate answer for you just because this is all about personal preference. I can tell you, that i'm playing with a PS3 controller and all settings are on default, but i don't think that will help you in your case.
      As you might notice now, you have to discover your personal settings by your own.
      You have to drive and try some settings. It's basicly try and error.

      Don't give up if you see no progress at the start! You will definitly improve after a certain amount of time!

      It's different from player to player. I trained a lot (100+ hours) until i was finally happy with my speeddrifts. But i'm still at a phase of learning. Every map differs in its style, so you can learn on each of them new ways to get faster.

      What i can do for you is to upload on our second train server (serverlogin: acorewar2) some good and basic fullspeed maps, where you can learn it. (@crack: server seems to be offline :D)

      But the speeddrift is only one part of the big question how to gain speed.There are a lot of little tricks beside the SD. Therefore i hardly recommend you to take a look at the following video:

      It shows a good summary of all those little tricks.

      I hope i could help you and if there are more open questions, feel free to ask!

      PS: This is the way i see the matter of speeddrifts. I really think this is how the SDs work, but if any of the readers think I am totally wrong, please correct me.