My First Film On TM :D

    • My First Film On TM :D

      Yes like you can see, I have made my fist film on tm, :D
      You can go watch it if you want but fist, let me tell you that this is my fist film so there is some bug and Youtube didn't take the last part of my viseo (idk why xD) but I don't care because I'm really happy about the result!

      And before you go, I wanted to make a big project (a big movie) so if you want to participate you just have to give me a replay (in FS, tech or speed fun) I will make a kind of presentation of acore with all of that

      Ty for your time :D

    • okay yeah... and a g a i n

      I guess you are the third guy I has to ask to wait with the team video. :D
      (also others have the same plans, maybe make a thread and collect all video makers who will work together if it's an opportunity and if it's possible)

      I am good with the progress my skin has at the moment.
      only few things left to do.
      so the release is not that far away

      okay last thing I didn't watched your video, so I will do it when I'm at home ;)

      greets Dignity
      Dignity - DGNTY
      graphic design