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Check this forum regulary (at least once a week!) for new information concerning the clan or upcoming and ongoing events.

We are a FUN clan. Privat things are always first priority and every single member will understand if you can't play trackmania due to personal matters.
But please communicate such things with us. We cannot know your reason if you don't tell us anything.

Every single member represents the clan itself and so the member has to behave accordingly.
Xenophobia, discrimination and abusive language as well as cheating won't be tolerated and leads to immediately exclusion.
Furthermore we will contact others clans about your misbehaviour.

The transfer of internal content and server passwords to external persons requires the approval of the clan administration (Crack, RaizZen).

Inactivity has to be reported to the clan administration. After 6 weeks without any sign the member will be excluded automatically.

If you have stated that you participate in a tournament or a war you are fully aware that you have to train the maps.
Disinclination to train or absence without any comment will lead to a warning. Further breach will lead to exclusion.

We know this is a strict rule, but it just says that we want you to communicate with us (->§2).
Your Squadlead tries to manage and organize an event (Cup,War,Match) and puts work into that.
Don't let him down!

Playing for two clans needs the permission of the clan administration.

The Clan administration reserves the right for sanctions if he sees the peaceful clan life in danger.